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Meeting started by MrsB at 19:13:03 UTC (full logs).

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  1. Who's new? (DavidWHodgins, 19:13:34)
  2. ISO testing (DavidWHodgins, 19:14:18)
    1. ISOs are currently being built (MrsB, 19:14:45)
    2. they should be with us over the weekend (MrsB, 19:14:55)
    3. Dave will email shortly with rsync details and how to rename your existing Mageia 3 ISOs ready to sync with the new alphas (MrsB, 19:17:28)
    4. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4147101/QA/dorsync (MrsB, 19:18:02)
    5. Anybody who hasn't yet added themselves to the ISO testers page but intends to do ISo testing with the QA team, please do so now so you et the emai with the details.l (MrsB, 19:20:13)
    6. https://wiki.mageia.org/en/QA_ISO_testers (MrsB, 19:23:38)
    7. When you create bugs on bugzilla for these ISOs please add 4alpha1 into the whiteboard field and make a note of them on the pad (MrsB, 19:28:37)
    8. if you encounter a bug which is liekly to block the release then please email about it to qa-discuss and CC ennael (classic dvds & dualcd) or tmb (live isos) (MrsB, 19:30:13)
    9. ennael/tmb will email qa-discuss when ISOs are ready for testing, availaible on the rsync (MrsB, 19:30:48)
    10. If you need assistance with anything, as always, please don't hesitate to ask either on IRC or qa-discuss (MrsB, 19:33:24)
    11. https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_4_Development (MrsB, 19:39:06)
    12. https://fosdem.org/2014/ (MrsB, 19:39:22)
    13. Big thanks to lewis for making a good start with the new wiki page https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Pre-release_ISO_testing (MrsB, 19:41:11)

  3. Luigi's Roundup (DavidWHodgins, 19:45:03)
    1. lcms and gnupg/libgcrypt were pushed to QA at the beginning of the meeting, neither is a big rush (MrsB, 19:46:34)

  4. Anything else? (DavidWHodgins, 19:48:19)
    1. When validating an update, for the moment, please check whether there is a comment that the advisory has been uploaded before adding the validated_update keyword. If it has been then go ahead and add the keyword. (MrsB, 19:52:54)
    2. if it hasn't been done yet then please say you are validating it but allow MrsB or Dave H to add the validated_update keyword when we upload the advisory (MrsB, 19:53:28)
    3. this will probably change as the tools mature so we'll keep it informal for now (MrsB, 19:54:13)

Meeting ended at 19:56:56 UTC (full logs).

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  1. MrsB (101)
  2. bozonius (47)
  3. wilcal (38)
  4. DavidWHodgins (36)
  5. Luigi12_work (9)
  6. spiky (6)
  7. tmb (4)
  8. Inigo_Montoya` (3)
  9. marja (3)
  10. dvg (2)
  11. [mbot (1)

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