19:13:03 <MrsB> #startmeeting
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19:13:20 <MrsB> Morning all, welcome to another QA party
19:13:26 <MrsB> #chair DavidWHodgins
19:13:26 <Inigo_Montoya`> Current chairs: DavidWHodgins MrsB
19:13:29 <bozonius> court jester ready.
19:13:34 <MrsB> \o/
19:13:34 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Who's new?
19:13:38 <wilcal> Surfer here
19:13:40 <MrsB> thankyou Dave
19:13:51 <MrsB> Is there anybody new here today?
19:14:11 * MrsB doesn't think so :(
19:14:18 <DavidWHodgins> #topic ISO testing
19:14:25 <MrsB> Heres the big one!
19:14:45 <MrsB> #info ISOs are currently being built
19:14:55 <MrsB> #info they should be with us over the weekend
19:15:10 <MrsB> are we ready?
19:15:11 <wilcal> So by monday we should be cook'n?
19:15:22 <MrsB> by tomorrow I would think even wilcal
19:15:39 <wilcal> So we should see the ID and PW for the source isos
19:15:42 <MrsB> Does everybody know what to do, what to expect?
19:16:08 * bozonius embarrassed; hasn't kept up about new ISOs
19:16:13 <MrsB> yes, tmb is setting up the rsync now and Dave will email later with the details. I'm away this weekend to visit my Mum
19:16:29 <DavidWHodgins> I'll email the password and directory names, and a link to the dorsync script, to everyone on the iso testers wiki page, when I have those.
19:16:37 * tmb has sent the mail...
19:16:38 <wilcal> FWIW alpha did to be a little twitchy
19:16:47 <MrsB> thanks tmb
19:16:52 <wilcal> do tend to be a little twitchy
19:16:52 <bozonius> M4 alphas?
19:17:05 <wilcal> Yep, M4
19:17:09 <bozonius> ok
19:17:10 <marja> MrsB: which version is the current dorsync script?
19:17:14 <DavidWHodgins> tmb: Thanks. Got it. I'll send the email out after the meeting.
19:17:28 <MrsB> #info Dave will email shortly with rsync details and how to rename your existing Mageia 3 ISOs ready to sync with the new alphas
19:17:30 <marja> DavidWHodgins: oops, sorry, missed that you'd mail a link
19:17:30 <bozonius> Am I required to read the release notes this time?
19:17:31 <DavidWHodgins> marja: I'll include the link in the email.
19:17:36 <marja> DavidWHodgins: thx :)
19:17:54 <MrsB> can add it here too
19:18:02 <MrsB> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4147101/QA/dorsync
19:18:11 <DavidWHodgins> Ah. Yes. Thanks MrsB! I'd forgotten about renaming!
19:18:26 <MrsB> Any other info you think of too Dave :)
19:18:27 <wilcal> FWIW my local M4 repo is up to date as of this morning
19:18:53 <MrsB> spiky: you OK with what to do? bozonius too?
19:19:06 <bozonius> Um...
19:19:20 <spiky> no
19:19:51 <bozonius> I kinda ... squashed my old M3 set...   :D
19:20:13 <MrsB> #info Anybody who hasn't yet added themselves to the ISO testers page but intends to do ISo testing with the QA team, please do so now so you et the emai with the details.l
19:20:15 <bozonius> to avoid adding to traffic, is there a better/worse time to do a fresh rsync from scratch
19:20:16 <DavidWHodgins> Basically it's download the iso, burn it to  a disk, or copy it to a usb stick, and test installing. You'll need at least one free partition, to install on.
19:20:26 <MrsB> ouch typos
19:20:31 <DavidWHodgins> :-)
19:20:35 <wilcal> run it in Vbox too
19:20:43 <DavidWHodgins> Yes, that too.
19:20:52 <bozonius> I have a 640MB PC available
19:20:54 <bozonius> headless
19:20:55 <MrsB> bozonius: it helps to grab a set of mga3 isos from a normal mirror
19:21:13 <bozonius> just don't want to tie up the servers...
19:21:50 <MrsB> the mirrors don't mind, renaming the mga3 isos will give the rsync something to use as a abse
19:22:10 <MrsB> the rsync is on a dev server with limited bandwidth though so it helps to have the base to start from
19:22:12 <bozonius> that's the problem; blew them away for space a while back... (sorry)
19:22:18 <wilcal> The ISO's we see are before official release so they won't be on public servers for a week or so
19:22:39 <MrsB> you can find Mageia 3 ISOs on any regular mirror though bozonius
19:22:44 <MrsB> or torrent
19:22:56 <bozonius> but will those rsync?
19:23:04 <MrsB> once they're renamed yes
19:23:24 <MrsB> Dave will send details in the email, if you add yourself to the ISO testers page
19:23:29 <bozonius> we can take this offline.
19:23:33 <bozonius> ok
19:23:35 <DavidWHodgins> bozonius: Yes, but I don't think it's worth it. Not having the old iso images renamed, just means it's take longer to download the first build.
19:23:38 <MrsB> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/QA_ISO_testers
19:23:54 <bozonius> thanks MrsB
19:24:34 <MrsB> Does everybody know what to expect, with the pad, creating bugs with 4alpha1 in the whiteboard etc?
19:24:52 <wilcal> Yep
19:24:53 <MrsB> also qa-discuss for any blockers
19:25:02 <MrsB> and cc tmb/ennael
19:25:15 <bozonius> Uh... I do admit to a knowledge gap
19:25:25 <bozonius> I didn't bring it up too much during M3 testing
19:25:27 <wilcal> Official release is to be Aug 8
19:25:42 <wilcal> A week from today
19:25:53 <bozonius> the pad -- there were many sections and I was not too sure where all I was supposed to add my comments and updates
19:26:02 <MrsB> yep, and we need to set a precedent of releasing on time if at all possible
19:26:03 <bozonius> I only added in the very first section each time
19:26:26 <bozonius> is that documented?
19:26:34 <bozonius> the pad protocol I mean?
19:26:48 <DavidWHodgins> Nope. That's something we need to add.
19:26:49 <MrsB> basically at the top of the pad we note which isos we're currently testing. Then further down against the correct iso we make our notes and list any bugs
19:27:16 <MrsB> the isos can't be released until each has been tested, it enables us to keep track of that
19:27:19 <bozonius> so the top section is almost like a TOC entry
19:27:30 <MrsB> like a journal
19:27:32 <bozonius> OK, I think I get it now
19:27:34 <bozonius> right
19:27:59 <MrsB> it's purely for our collaborative purposes, bugs should still be created on bugzilla
19:28:27 <spiky> Where to get the pad
19:28:29 <bozonius> so when I start testing a particular ISO (or maybe several in sync) I make entries at the very top of the pad, but no real remarks (other than to indicate what sorf of environment, like VM, hardware, etc)
19:28:37 <MrsB> #info When you create bugs on bugzilla for these ISOs please add 4alpha1 into the whiteboard field and make a note of them on the pad
19:28:57 <MrsB> thats it bozonius yes
19:29:02 <bozonius> good here
19:29:19 <MrsB> then further down you'll see a section for the actual iso, thats where you make the notes
19:29:25 <bozonius> right got it
19:29:31 <spiky> bozonius: I,ll be calling on you for help
19:29:35 <bozonius> omg
19:29:43 <bozonius> (sure you want to do that?  hehehe)
19:30:02 <spiky> hmm
19:30:07 <bozonius> I will help any way I can, promise
19:30:13 <MrsB> #info if you encounter a bug which is liekly to block the release then please email about it to qa-discuss and CC ennael (classic dvds & dualcd) or tmb (live isos)
19:30:27 <wilcal> alpha's can be quite fun
19:30:48 <MrsB> #info ennael/tmb will email qa-discuss when ISOs are ready for testing, availaible on the rsync
19:30:59 <DavidWHodgins> Alpha 1 is usually quite stable, as there are not that many changes since the last final yet.
19:31:26 <MrsB> Is it clear all about as mud?
19:31:36 <wilcal> Which packages will see the most changes M3 -> M4?
19:31:42 <MrsB> all about as clear as mud* even
19:32:24 <MrsB> installer will see changes, then more or less everything else as time goes on
19:32:41 * bozonius dons his flack jacket
19:32:46 <DavidWHodgins> :-)
19:33:04 <bozonius> any word on boot options in the installer?
19:33:04 <DavidWHodgins> MrsB: Who creates the pad?
19:33:07 * bozonius ducks
19:33:24 <MrsB> #info If you need assistance with anything, as always, please don't hesitate to ask either on IRC or qa-discuss
19:33:43 <MrsB> ennael usually Dave, it's worth checking it has all the info you want it to though at the top
19:33:48 <DavidWHodgins> bozonius: If testing under VirtualBox, add divider=10, to the installer kernel options.
19:34:09 <bozonius> eh, no.  what I was referring to is the grub/grub1/lilo battle
19:34:14 <DavidWHodgins> Page either isn't there yet, or the naming format has changed.
19:34:27 <MrsB> yeah it's usually the last thing to be done
19:34:44 <MrsB> she'll email the link when she emails about the isos being ready
19:34:45 <DavidWHodgins> Concentrate on grub legacy, for now.
19:35:05 <bozonius> no more LILO, take it or leave it, if you have RAID1
19:35:13 <wilcal> grub(1) legacy is still the default
19:35:31 * bozonius ducks again, expecting the worst
19:35:39 <DavidWHodgins> I don't think the forcing of lilo for raid has been changed yet.
19:35:47 <wilcal> I'm all grub2 here with no probs
19:35:52 <MrsB> not sure what the decision was for lilo, switching to grub2 i think for raid
19:35:57 <tmb> nope, bootloader changes are nor merged yet...
19:36:15 <bozonius> tmb:  are those changes planned for Aug 8
19:36:38 <DavidWHodgins> bozonius: What goes out on the 8th, will be the same as what we test with.
19:36:57 <tmb> nope, as we are starting to build isos now, the changes are not ready yet...
19:36:59 <bozonius> so there is a chance for the same problem as M3
19:37:16 <MrsB> initially in alpha1, yes
19:37:20 <bozonius> MrsB said we are releasing on time this time
19:37:36 <MrsB> we need to. We're on a fairly tight schedule
19:37:36 <bozonius> so will that be fixed for final?
19:37:52 <DavidWHodgins> bozonius: Which bug are you referring to?
19:38:01 <bozonius> tight schedule?  are they threatening to cut our budget?   :p
19:38:06 <MrsB> best thing to do is raise any issues in a bug report
19:38:07 <DavidWHodgins> fosdem
19:38:28 <MrsB> I'll double your pay if you like :)
19:38:28 <wilcal> All this is headed for Fosdem
19:39:02 <bozonius> trade show?
19:39:06 <MrsB> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_4_Development
19:39:22 <MrsB> https://fosdem.org/2014/
19:39:23 <[mbot> [ FOSDEM 2014 - Home ]
19:39:31 <bozonius> :)
19:39:33 <bozonius> good reason.
19:39:37 <DavidWHodgins> bozonius: Big linux convention in Europe.
19:39:44 * bozonius inserts foot ...
19:39:53 <DavidWHodgins> :-)
19:39:57 <MrsB> morning dvg
19:40:04 <dvg> evening Claire
19:40:09 <MrsB> right on time
19:40:15 <DavidWHodgins> Any questions about the iso testing before we move on?
19:40:16 <dvg> sorry
19:40:24 <MrsB> Anything you'd liek to add/ask about iso testing and alpha 1?
19:40:31 <MrsB> no, i was being serious :D
19:40:34 <wilcal> any discussion on Lewis' message
19:40:46 <wilcal> "Black Holes"
19:41:11 <MrsB> #info Big thanks to lewis for making a good start with the new wiki page https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Pre-release_ISO_testing
19:41:33 <MrsB> need extra hours in the day :(
19:41:37 <DavidWHodgins> I'll be reviewing it, and fixing any problems I see, over the next few days.
19:41:49 <MrsB> oh good, thanks dave that'll be good
19:42:52 <MrsB> anything else, while we're on this topic?
19:43:06 <MrsB> spiky: you happy?
19:44:00 <spiky> not yet, till I get started
19:44:29 <MrsB> Is there anything you want to ask now?
19:44:57 * Luigi12_work needs to do the roundup and get back to class
19:45:03 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Luigi's Roundup
19:45:05 <spiky> Not yet thks I work my way through I can always ask here
19:45:09 <Luigi12_work> thanks
19:45:20 <wilcal> Over the last few weeks in working with a Security Updates I've become
19:45:22 <wilcal> aware of the incredable job that Luigi does for us. Kudos to Luigi.
19:45:23 <wilcal> Whom ever employs you Luigi ain't pay'n you enough.
19:45:30 <Luigi12_work> so lcms2 and gnupg/libgcrypt were pushed to QA at the beginning of the meeting, neither is a big rush
19:45:53 <Luigi12_work> evolution-data-server and subversion security bugs were also filed then, probably won't take too long to fix those, so those should be incoming soonish
19:46:00 <MrsB> sorry, was distracted
19:46:02 <Luigi12_work> otherwise it's been a quiet week on this front (thankfully)
19:46:16 <MrsB> thankyou Luigi12_work!
19:46:21 <Luigi12_work> any questions?
19:46:31 <DavidWHodgins> Not here.
19:46:32 <wilcal> You still in School Luigi?
19:46:34 <MrsB> #info lcms and gnupg/libgcrypt were pushed to QA at the beginning of the meeting, neither is a big rush
19:46:44 * Luigi12_work is teaching Unix/Linux right now
19:46:54 <wilcal> School?
19:47:09 <DavidWHodgins> Luigi12_work: Hope you enjoy it!
19:47:18 <MrsB> are you telling them to contribute :)
19:47:24 <Luigi12_work> the students are adults, but it's not a university, it's training for a job
19:47:50 <Luigi12_work> anywayz, time to go over an exercise, see ya :o)
19:47:58 <DavidWHodgins> Luigi12_work: Thanks!
19:47:59 <MrsB> thanks for find the time
19:48:00 <wilcal> See ya Luigi
19:48:19 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Anything else?
19:48:25 <MrsB> thank dave
19:48:29 <MrsB> s
19:48:33 <MrsB> Soooo
19:48:38 <MrsB> is there anything else?
19:48:39 <wilcal> Update list has been pared down significantly
19:48:55 <MrsB> yes it's looking good at the moment *touch wood*
19:49:12 <wilcal> Some of'em were fun  :-))
19:49:21 <MrsB> speaking of which..
19:49:41 <MrsB> who's going to have a go at python-virtualenv and exo
19:49:45 <wilcal> OooOO one more question hold a sec
19:50:42 <wilcal> When validatiing an update what's the final answer on "ready for validation" comment
19:50:45 <wilcal> what and where
19:50:58 <MrsB> Do what you did for now
19:51:01 <wilcal> there was some discussion there
19:51:10 <wilcal> k
19:51:11 <MrsB> I think the process will change as the tools mature
19:51:24 <DavidWHodgins> If there is a comment indicating the advisory has been uploaded, put it in the keywords field. If not, put it in the comments field. At least for now.
19:51:40 <wilcal> So I'll use the openttd update as a template
19:51:45 <MrsB> Dave is right it's easier for us to see when it doesn't have the validated_update keyword and we can add that as we add the advisory
19:52:00 <MrsB> i'll do an info
19:52:06 <wilcal> k
19:52:54 <MrsB> #info When validating an update, for the moment, please check whether there is a comment that the advisory has been uploaded before adding the validated_update keyword. If it has been then go ahead and add the keyword.
19:53:26 <DavidWHodgins> If the advisory hasn't been uploaded, and the keyword is added, then not only does it dissapear from our list, it shows up in the sysadmin list. They can't push it till the advisory is uploaded.
19:53:28 <MrsB> #info if it hasn't been done yet then please say you are validating it but allow MrsB or Dave H to add the validated_update keyword when we upload the advisory
19:54:13 <MrsB> #info this will probably change as the tools mature so we'll keep it informal for now
19:54:22 <MrsB> ok?
19:54:36 <wilcal> ok for now
19:54:50 <MrsB> thanks for asking
19:55:04 <MrsB> Is there anything else else?
19:55:11 <DavidWHodgins> I'll take gnupg. Easy for me, as I've been using pgp/gpg since 94.
19:55:25 <MrsB> yeah you're hot on that
19:55:46 <DavidWHodgins> I like keeping my stuff properly encrypted. :-)
19:55:53 <MrsB> Ok, if there is nothing else and everyone is happy lets wrap up
19:56:04 <wilcal> No NSA for you
19:56:09 <MrsB> any last minute..
19:56:12 <wilcal> I'm done
19:56:14 <DavidWHodgins> Fine with me. I'll put together the email.
19:56:14 <MrsB> 5..
19:56:17 <MrsB> 4..
19:56:19 <MrsB> 33..
19:56:22 <MrsB> oops..
19:56:24 <MrsB> 22
19:56:25 <DavidWHodgins> :-)
19:56:27 <MrsB> 11..
19:56:29 <MrsB> 1
19:56:43 <tmb> pooofff...
19:56:45 <MrsB> Thanks for coming guys, have a good rest of your morning!
19:56:47 <wilcal> bye all
19:56:53 <bozonius> by
19:56:56 <MrsB> #endmeeting