13:06:34 <rda> #startmeeting
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13:07:41 <rda> so, before making a quick review, has anyone topics to discuss/add after?
13:08:06 <rda> (just to make sure everyone is ready/reading the channel now :-) )
13:08:13 <apofis> ;)
13:09:04 <apofis> as I wrote on #mageia-dev Im new here and if you guys need some help especially in coding in PHP/Python - I can help you
13:11:40 <rda> apofis: cool, and welcome! :)
13:11:48 <apofis> thx
13:12:05 <rda> I didn't see on #mageia-dev - but please hang around.
13:12:21 <rda> well, let's start the review
13:12:26 <rda> #topic quick review
13:12:35 <rda> for what we have here
13:12:45 <rda> wiki: boklm, have a status?
13:13:16 <rda> #info maintdb: no news so far, need to be updated, styled and moved onto a production server (coordination between kosmas & sysadmin)
13:13:29 <rda> forum: maat, pasmatt: anything to state?
13:13:40 <rda> bugzilla: dmorgan, a status?
13:13:52 <rda> #info calendar is in sleep mode for now
13:14:25 <obgr_seneca> rda: by the way, could you give me edit rights on the canedar for i18n things?
13:14:58 <rda> obgr_seneca: ho, right. what's your google account id then? (/msg me if you prefer)
13:15:12 <obgr_seneca> oliver.bgr@googlemail.com
13:16:00 <rda> done
13:16:11 <obgr_seneca> thx
13:18:06 <rda> #info website, globally - no update on global nav, need to rethink the publishing platform underneath for future use (current is still a quick hack)
13:18:30 <rda> #info no progress report for mediawiki setup and maintdb so far (both become critical)
13:18:40 <rda> anything to add so far?
13:18:54 <obgr_seneca> do we plan to use a cms for the website?
13:19:11 <rda> no plan specifically.
13:19:38 <rda> we need a platform that allows quick design of a page or local app, have it localized and deployed - and able to cope with some traffic peaks
13:20:11 <rda> so a basic controller + ability to publish static HTML or templated/localized pages is good enough
13:20:21 <rda> now, should we go for a full setup like drupal or not, I don't know
13:20:50 <rda> (it requires people to master this and to be available to build it and manage it in time - updates, rewrites, upgrades, new designs, etc.)
13:23:26 <rda> (I could push my own rewrite of the platform we used at mdv - custom, no db, good perfs, some pluggable apps, sucks a bit regarding i18n, unless we consider customized local pages a good thing) but I would welcome someone with an even simpler/standard/strong solution (drupal comes to mind, again, but I'm biased)
13:25:01 <rda> next topic or anyone would like to dive further into this?
13:25:51 <apofis> maybe me ;) but I would like to first check how do you guys work and so on
13:26:34 <rda> well, that's still really open, but I can discuss this further with you after the meeting if you like :)
13:26:50 <apofis> sure
13:27:08 <rda> #topic secteam web app
13:27:29 <rda> misc posted past week a request for a simple web app to manage/publish security/updates notices on the/a website
13:27:32 <rda> any taker?
13:28:23 <rda> k... will repeat the question on the list :-p
13:28:38 <rda> #topic team peer members (@mageia.org aliases)
13:29:23 <rda> misc asked for the list of team peers, to be added in the ldap group for the team members - so that we can manage accesses when needed (and eventually those get a {uid}@mageia.org mail alias)
13:30:14 <rda> I pushed the list yesterday evening - has anyone someone to add/question on this list? (see ml archive or http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=web#team_peers_roles )
13:33:11 <rda> ok, so I can consider the list ok :-p
13:33:16 <rda> #topic open questions
13:33:24 <rda> #undo
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13:33:42 <rda> #topic open questoins
13:33:57 <rda> so, questions/topics anyone? (apart that it's been a quiet meeting)
13:34:54 <apofis> probably I will have few but later - definitely
13:35:11 <obgr_seneca> sorry, got disconnected
13:36:00 <rda> ok
13:36:02 <rda> #endmeeting