20:04:25 <MrsB> #startmeeting
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20:04:35 <MrsB> Morning all welcome to another qa meet
20:04:42 <MrsB> #chair DavidWHodgins
20:04:42 <Inigo_Montoya> Current chairs: DavidWHodgins MrsB
20:04:44 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Who's new?
20:04:56 <MrsB> Is there anybody new here today?
20:05:16 <MrsB> not many here today new or old is there
20:05:20 <Kernewes> we don't seem to have many oldies, let alone newbies
20:05:43 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Bugzilla just got easier
20:05:46 <MrsB> they're maybe having their dinner :(
20:05:53 <MrsB> Oh yes
20:05:58 <wilcal> Bugzilla really looking slick
20:06:25 <MrsB> #info Now when you add the validated_update keyword it will automatically add sysadmin-bugs@ml.mageia.org for you :)
20:06:56 <MrsB> you'll have to validate something to try it ;)
20:07:15 <Kernewes> that's nice, I almost forget that every time
20:07:20 <DavidWHodgins> Good.  That'll get rid of forgetting to add it.
20:07:26 <wilcal> Update candidates is short this week
20:07:28 <MrsB> yeah, it's handy isn't it
20:07:36 <MrsB> we have lpsolit and dmorgan to thank for that
20:08:02 <wilcal> still some ruby stuff in there
20:08:02 <MrsB> neither are here today
20:08:14 <MrsB> yep, we'll get to that
20:08:24 <MrsB> lets go on
20:08:28 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Mageia blog - Write or suggest an article
20:08:34 <wilcal> Webmin thing is gone \o/
20:09:02 <MrsB> thanks Dave, I lost the email for a minute then
20:09:36 <MrsB> #info if you want to write an article or propose an article please let Me or Dave know
20:10:27 <MrsB> we're trying to start making the blog more interesting, it's a bit announce this announce that at the moment so if you think of anything please let somebody know
20:10:28 <wilcal> ok
20:10:52 <Kernewes> ok
20:11:13 <MrsB> and if you want to write something yourself please do so, english can be checked before posting so no need to worry if it's not your first language
20:11:48 <MrsB> noms..
20:11:58 <DavidWHodgins> ?
20:12:04 <Kernewes> DavidWHodgins: eating
20:12:44 <MrsB> sorry
20:12:51 <MrsB> lets go on
20:12:54 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Upgrades - How are they going?
20:13:04 <MrsB> How are they going?
20:13:20 <wilcal> I've executed a couple of big upgrades and they were successful
20:13:28 <wilcal> Takes FOREVER
20:13:28 <Kernewes> sorry, haven't had time to try one yet
20:13:28 <MrsB> It would be good if we can start doing at least one a week
20:13:33 <DavidWHodgins> I haven't gotten around to testing upgrading yet.  Have a few things to wrap up, and will likely start tomorrow.
20:13:41 <MrsB> yeah it's a slow process wilcal
20:14:00 <DavidWHodgins> Having a local repository speeds things up a lot.
20:14:01 <MrsB> I ran into the same problem as bozonius
20:14:02 <Kernewes> how long does one take?
20:14:10 <wilcal> FWIW i installed from boot.iso M2 when that was finished i upgraded with boot.iso m3
20:14:23 <MrsB> an hour? guess it depends on your computer
20:14:31 <wilcal> I run a local repo and even then figure 2 -> 3 hours anyway
20:14:32 <Kernewes> ok
20:14:41 <MrsB> did you update m2 before upgrading wilcal?
20:14:46 <Kernewes> wilcal: oh dear
20:14:50 <DavidWHodgins> About 20 minutes on my system.
20:14:56 <wilcal> good question
20:15:10 <wilcal> if you run a local, updated repo and install from boot.iso
20:15:16 <wilcal> the updates are auto installed
20:15:21 <MrsB> ahh yes of course
20:15:27 <wilcal> but after install i check
20:15:48 <wilcal> I always make sure there's a good sporting event on TV when I do this
20:16:09 <wilcal> I'm pretty sure I can do this at least 1x/week from here on out
20:16:15 <MrsB> #info you can test upgrades using boot.iso or dvd installer but not yet from cli
20:16:27 <wilcal> M3 barked about synthisis error but went on
20:16:30 <MrsB> #info please try to test at least once a week
20:16:44 <wilcal> will do
20:16:46 <MrsB> #info load a different set of packages each time
20:16:46 <Kernewes> can't promise anything until after Easter :(
20:17:06 <wilcal> I have a menu of apps to install many multimedia
20:17:06 <MrsB> once it's going you just have to leave it and wait, don't need to babysit it
20:17:33 <wilcal> Ya once the upgrade process starts I look at it maybe every 15 min
20:17:42 <wilcal> ad break on the tv game
20:17:51 <Kernewes> lol
20:18:05 <DavidWHodgins> After it's done, check /root/drakx/ddebug.log for any occurance of the word reason.  Indicates a package or filename conflict.
20:18:07 <wilcal> this weeks game(s) was the World Baseball championship.
20:18:27 * Kernewes thinks that sounds boring
20:19:01 <MrsB> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9302 bug with tmpfiles.d makes certain things show as file not found in the logs and maybe show a popup error too
20:19:03 <[mbot> Bug 9302: minor, release_blocker, mageia, mageia, NEW , post script fails for ppp during mga2 -> mga3 upgrade, ppp
20:20:07 <MrsB> anything else on this?
20:20:21 <wilcal> I'll probably run another upgrade on Tue
20:20:22 <DavidWHodgins> Not here.
20:20:24 <Kernewes> no
20:20:34 <MrsB> ok, next topic then please dave
20:20:36 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Beta 4 - It's due any time now
20:20:38 <MrsB> tah
20:20:50 <wilcal> Should be pretty solid
20:20:51 <MrsB> Yes, beta 4 is only days away
20:21:03 <MrsB> there was mention of a test build already
20:21:04 <wilcal> M3 boot.iso install looks good here
20:21:22 <MrsB> lets hope so, it will enable us to test in more depth
20:21:44 <MrsB> grub, lilo grub2 etc, different partitioning, etc
20:21:53 <DavidWHodgins> rpmdrake has had a lot of changes that will need thorough testing.
20:22:01 <wilcal> grub2 should work on M3B4 right
20:22:08 <DavidWHodgins> Including 2317.
20:22:14 <MrsB> _should_
20:22:20 * Kernewes holds breath
20:22:23 <MrsB> /o\
20:22:28 <DavidWHodgins> wilcal: That's one of the things we'll have to check.
20:22:29 <ennael> hi there
20:22:34 <MrsB> hi anne
20:22:36 <ennael> just around for beta4 :)
20:22:37 <Kernewes> ennael: hi
20:22:50 <wilcal> Is non working GRUB2 a release blocker?
20:23:01 * MrsB feeding
20:23:13 <Kernewes> you can't take her anywhere
20:23:25 <DavidWHodgins> If grub2 still isn't working, that will be a release blocker for final, but not for the beta.
20:23:44 <MrsB> i have my plate balanced on an open drawer :\
20:23:54 <wilcal> So going forward all my installs, and upgrades, should be GRUB2
20:24:04 <ennael> just to let you know I'm building first set of isos. It's quite in advance but may help to avoid anooying bugs at the very last time
20:24:29 <MrsB> #info <ennael> just to let you know I'm building first set of isos. It's quite in advance but may help to avoid anooying bugs at the very last time
20:24:30 <DavidWHodgins> ennael: WIll the rsync password be the same?
20:24:50 <ennael> for now yes
20:25:03 <wilcal> release just one or two live-cd's to start
20:25:18 <MrsB> could you email qa-d when they're ready anne please
20:25:31 <DavidWHodgins> wilcal: Anne does the standard installers.  Thomas does the live iso images.
20:25:37 <ennael> MrsB: yep
20:26:00 <DavidWHodgins> ennael: Has the i586 problem with the dual cd been sorted out?
20:26:45 <ennael> which one ?
20:26:58 <MrsB> and dual kernel install when proprietary drivers are used?
20:27:13 <DavidWHodgins> Bug 9301
20:27:14 <[mbot> Bug https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9301 normal, Normal, ennael1, ennael1, RESOLVED FIXED, beta 3 dual cd fails to install on i586 at perl-XML-SAX-Expat, perl-XML-SAX
20:27:25 <ennael> yes it should be fixed
20:27:35 <DavidWHodgins> Ah.  Hadn't noticed that it was marked resolved.
20:28:08 <MrsB> what is happening with broadcom ?
20:30:48 <MrsB> i guess we'll soon see
20:30:59 <MrsB> anything else on this?
20:31:09 <ennael> sorry was the question for me ?
20:31:19 <wilcal> I wanna flag one other bug
20:31:19 <MrsB> #info please watch qa-discuss for announcements
20:31:24 <Kernewes> rindolf: hi
20:31:54 <rindolf> Kernewes: hi.
20:31:56 <rindolf> Hi all.
20:32:00 <DavidWHodgins> wilcal: Which one?
20:32:03 <wilcal> hi rin
20:32:04 <DavidWHodgins> Hi rindolf.
20:32:04 <wilcal> Any hope for:
20:32:05 <wilcal> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7521
20:32:05 <wilcal> "No X with last x11-driver-video-sis and x11-server-1.13"
20:32:05 <wilcal> Getting resolved in M3B4? Or is this gonna fall back to VESA?
20:32:05 <wilcal> I can test this on real hardware here.
20:32:06 <[mbot> Bug 7521: critical, release_blocker, thierry.vignaud, thierry.vignaud, NEW , No X with last x11-driver-video-sis and x11-server-1.13, x11-driver-video-sis-0.10.7-5.mga3  x11-server-1.13.2-2.mga3
20:32:36 <rindolf> wilcal: , DavidWHodgins : hi, what's up?
20:32:38 <MrsB> They are slowly working through release_blockers wilcal
20:32:43 <MrsB> hi rindolf
20:32:59 <wilcal> k
20:32:59 <DavidWHodgins> rindolf: Current meeting topic is upcoming beta 4
20:33:19 <Kernewes> rindolf: first builds due shortly
20:33:45 <MrsB> Are there any questions on this?
20:33:59 <Kernewes> no
20:34:07 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Luigi's Roundup
20:34:10 <wilcal> ok here
20:34:20 <MrsB> Luigi12_work: ping
20:35:00 <MrsB> It's a ghost town tonight
20:35:04 * Kernewes braces herself for the boo
20:35:10 <wilcal> He's sleeping at work
20:35:19 <Kernewes> or eating dinner
20:35:24 <MrsB> MrsB's Roundup then
20:35:30 <wilcal> Cauldron is pretty stable
20:35:49 <MrsB> sssd is still waiting, did you make any progress Dave?
20:36:04 <DavidWHodgins> Yes.  I expect I'll finish it later today.
20:36:17 <MrsB> I assigned a number of bugs back to packagers which are waiting on a response
20:36:45 <wilcal> I'm tinkering with some of the Midi apps and have a learning curve
20:36:49 <MrsB> ruby is still an issue, no idea how the requires work with our packages
20:37:07 <MrsB> wilcal: this bit is for security updates for mageia 2
20:37:42 <MrsB> php is ready for testing x86_64
20:38:02 <MrsB> aside from those, it's quiet *touch wood*
20:38:10 <DavidWHodgins> Lots of packages in that one to check.
20:38:26 <MrsB> yeah
20:38:50 <MrsB> it's missed a few increments too so we should check it carefully if time allows
20:38:54 <DavidWHodgins> I'll test the x86-64 after I finish up sssd.
20:39:01 <MrsB> thankyou
20:39:11 <MrsB> then that leaves us with ruby /o\
20:39:31 <MrsB> require 'whatever' doesn't seem to work for any of them
20:39:46 <DavidWHodgins> Is it a regression?
20:39:53 <MrsB> no
20:39:59 * DavidWHodgins hasn't looked at ruby much.
20:40:12 <DavidWHodgins> If it's not a regression, shouldn't hold the security update.
20:40:42 <MrsB> I saw a bug from pterjan about having to add require 'rubygems' before any other due to the way they are packaged but they still fail as not found
20:41:08 <MrsB> i guess, but if it's not working then a security update isn't going to help much
20:41:41 <MrsB> I'll try and talk to pterjan and see what i can find out
20:41:56 <DavidWHodgins> Either it isn't being used, or admins who are using it have figured out workarounds.
20:42:18 <MrsB> well workaround is not to use the packaged ones and use gem install instead
20:42:27 <DavidWHodgins> Either way, I think we should push the update, so any admins who have figured out workarounds get the security update.
20:42:54 <MrsB> well the updates are certainly no worse than the current ones
20:43:06 <Kernewes> lol
20:43:07 <MrsB> i'll let you decide ;)
20:43:29 <DavidWHodgins> I'll add it to my list of things to get around to. :-)
20:43:38 <MrsB> anything else on security updates?
20:43:45 <Kernewes> no
20:43:52 <wilcal> nope
20:44:06 <MrsB> lets go on then, i think we're about done
20:44:06 <DavidWHodgins> #topic Anything else?
20:44:09 <MrsB> tah
20:44:13 <MrsB> Anything else?
20:44:19 <DavidWHodgins> Not here.
20:44:22 <Kernewes> not here
20:44:25 <wilcal> M3 is really settling down
20:44:35 <wilcal> looks good
20:44:37 <MrsB> it needs to, it's been a rocky road so far
20:44:52 <wilcal> Couple three BIG bumps
20:44:59 <Kernewes> lots of potholes
20:45:05 <MrsB> version freeze helps
20:45:22 <wilcal> Usually difficult just before version freeze
20:45:31 <MrsB> wilcal you usually have something to ask here
20:45:46 <MrsB> how is nfs?
20:46:05 <wilcal> Usually I do but after that M2 -> M3 upgrade went so well i'm out of complaints
20:46:20 <DavidWHodgins> :-)
20:46:21 <wilcal> Yes
20:47:00 <wilcal> Ya there's wrinkle in the live media with NFS
20:47:11 <MrsB> feel free to add an #info
20:47:16 <wilcal> Classic install and boot.iso are fine has to do with shorewall
20:47:53 <wilcal> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9366
20:47:54 <[mbot> Bug 9366: normal, Normal, bugsquad, bugsquad, NEW , Installing/running from a Live-CD/DVD prevents the MCC from finding NFS servers
20:48:54 <wilcal> It's important that NFS be fully functional with a Diskless workstation
20:49:03 <MrsB> so it' being firewalled
20:49:08 <DavidWHodgins> Stopping shorewall (as opposed to clearing it) is supposed to block all incoming traffic.
20:49:53 <wilcal> David and Manuel know more about this then I, I'm only the reporter
20:50:06 <DavidWHodgins> Shouldn't affect outgoing connections though.
20:50:25 <MrsB> seems it's maybe a duplicate of bug 9329
20:50:27 <[mbot> Bug https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9329 major, Normal, thierry.vignaud, thierry.vignaud, NEW , Can't disable firewall, drakx-net
20:51:20 <wilcal> Some Hi Security office apps need NFS and Live-media operation. NO HD
20:51:31 <wilcal> No local storage
20:51:51 <wilcal> Boot from USB drive
20:51:58 <MrsB> yeah, it'll get fixed, it should maybe be release_blocker.
20:52:07 <Kernewes> I couldn't enable it before, now it can't be disabled, one extreme to the other
20:52:16 <MrsB> might be worth checking with ennael / malo about that one
20:52:30 <DavidWHodgins> "service shorewall clear" works in Mageia 2.  Should work in Mageia 3.
20:52:53 <wilcal> service shorewall clear worked for me on M3B3
20:53:14 <MrsB> #info Should https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9329 be release blocker as it prevents NFS connections?
20:53:16 <[mbot> Bug 9329: major, Normal, thierry.vignaud, thierry.vignaud, NEW , Can't disable firewall, drakx-net
20:53:35 <MrsB> Anything else else?
20:53:39 <wilcal> not here
20:53:41 <Kernewes> no
20:53:45 <DavidWHodgins> Not here.
20:53:48 <MrsB> \o/
20:53:59 <wilcal> See ya next Thur
20:54:13 <MrsB> thanks for coming then, thanks dave for the help, sorry for the bad roundup :D
20:54:20 <MrsB> same time next week!
20:54:23 <MrsB> #endmeeting